Musings on race, gender
and queer identities.

29th October 2009

Video with 7 notes

Clip from ‘The Nightingale’ 2003

Grace Ndiritu states that her purpose as an artist is ‘to rewrite history through the immediacy of Performance Video Art. It is an attempt to give back what has been taken from those who lack power: their dignity’. Ndiritu’s provocative films are as wide-ranging in their preoccupation with global politics as they are deeply personal and introspective. She cleverly manoeuvres the viewer in and out of her subject matter, using imagery, music and text that is concurrently sensual and familiar, awkward and disturbing. In this way, Ndiritu seems to implicate each viewer individually while simultaneously reminding us of the wider context in which we live, love, work, play and survive.

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